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From the ILCA President

Spring has Sprung!
By Todd Wake
Posted on 4/30/2018 3:05 PM
The mercury finally climbed past 60 degrees in Sheboygan so it is time to pull the boat out of the barn, polish the hull and go sailing.  Those of us lucky enough to attend the Southern Circuit got a good jump on the season as it was a great time with outstanding sailing conditions.  There are too many regattas happening this summer to list.  The key is to get out in your Lightning and sail as much as you can.  Team Wake's first event will be the Bayview One Design Regatta.  It's well known that the world's best rum drinks are mixed in the back of our van, join us for one, or two!

Lots of the hype surrounding these regattas comes from seeing which of your ILCA friends you can see. The new website offers a simple platform to accomplish this; in order to add yourself to the new "Who's Coming" list, simply log in to the ILCA website using your account, select the regatta you are planning to attend, click "register", and your information should be added! The utility of this new web platform is increased tenfold when you are logged in. Think of it like being logged into Facebook-- you can only access your personal features while logged in, and using the site will be much easier.

I hope to see you all on the water sometime soon!


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