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80th Anniversary Regatta

Friday Events Shaping Up
By Mike Yates
Posted on 2/22/2018 3:27 PM
We are looking forward to great weekend of family fun for the upcoming 80th Anniversary Regatta in Skaneateles July 6 - 9!  While the racing will take place Saturday and Sunday, we expect most people will be coming up early and plan to have events on Friday.  Current ideas include a sailing Poker Run where teams can sail their Lightnings to five locations around the northern part of the lake and pick up cards to make a winning poker hand.  For those looking for more competition, we are working on a match race event where teams can compete one on one in a tournament format.  Ideally, this will be set up right off the Club break-wall allowing spectators to participate by listening into an expert commentary on the race and tactics.  For those looking for relaxation, we're looking to set-up lawn games along the lakefront.  Of course there will be plenty of time for sailing, swimming, meeting old friends and taking refreshments.  So mark your calendars, get your hotel reservations, and register!
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