2017 North American Championship Wait List has been dissolved as of Aug 11 - Limited spaces are now available on a first come, first served basis.
North American Championship registration opened on June 15th and was sold out within 8 hours. A Wait List was started and has grown. We are excited with the level of participation. Lightning sailing is alive and well!

The NAC Organizing Committee has found a way to accommodate 20 more boats at this years event. Entries will now be opened to 90 boats. These additional spaces will be awarded based upon this Wait List.  As of August 11th, spaces are still available as wait list participants could not fill all of the available spots. Many of these sailors are still interested, but can not commit at this time. Any remaining spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Please officially register to reserve your spot!

With input from the Organizing Committee and VP of NA's the Executive Committee has decided with a larger fleet to amend the NOR and divide the fleet into equal flights for a Preliminary Series and then Final Series. Flights would split the 90 boats into two fleets/starts. 8 races are still planned over the three days of racing. Preliminary Series results will carry over into Final Series scoring. An amended NOR was posted July 19.  

As of Aug 11, the Wait List has been dissolved. There are limitted spaces available on a first come, first served basis. If we reach the max of 90 boats registered, we will again start another wait list for last minute slots.

  John Sawyer registered
  Bill Bogardus declined
  Steve Hayden declined
  Kevin Robinson declined
  Richard Waldkirch registered
  Brian Hayes registered
  Bob Cowen registered
  Jason Bemis declined
  Tim Werley registered
  Steve Harris declined
  Keith Taboada registered
  Daniel Lawless registered
  Jay Taylor registered
  Jim Crane registered
  Rob Crane registered
  Allison Jones registered
  David Peck registered
  Nick Troche declined
  Bob Harkrider registered
  Michael Zonnenberg declined
  Ed Seyerlein registered
  Dick Moyer registered
  Ed Roseberry declined
  Bill Hofmeister declined
  Jeff Schmahl registered
  Bobby Flack registered
  Jordan Wiggins registered
  Joe Starck registered
  5-8 open slots available as of 8/11 on a first come, first served basis.