Spring Regatta
Potomac River Sailing Association –Fleet 50
Washington DC
May 27–28, 2017
Pos Sail# Boat Skipper YC R1 R2 R3 R4 Total
1 15126 As You Wish... Lisa-Marie Lane PRSA 2 3 1 3 9T
2 14376 No Call No Show Will Phillippe PRSA 3 2 2 2 9T
3 15117 Shamrock John Van Voorhis PRSA 1 4 4 1 10
4 14592 Beedobeat Aaron Boesenecker PRSA 4 1 3 5 13
5 14221 Lightning Bug Lindsay Bach PRSA 5 5 5 4 19
6 7603 Robert Astrove PRSA 7/DNC 7/DNC 7/DNC 7/DNC 28

Thirty seven boats sailed in the PRSA Spring Regatta.

The regatta started slowly with no wind on Saturday morning.   The PRO wisely made the decision to postpone ashore so that the sailors did not have to bob around in the sun.   We were teased with a bit of wind right along the marina shoreline but it was glassy further out on the river.  As the hours passed nothing came in.   A couple of sailors ventured out onto the river and made great headway with the current but struggled to get back against it.

The cove had a bit of breeze and so the lower course PRO, Geof Fuller, gave the Penguins (3) and Lasers (2)  5 races.

Any attempt at upper course racing was abandoned at 1:30.  Many of the sailors were drinking beer by that time anyway.

The Lebanese Tavern brought the food just before 5.  Great stuff.  The rain came but two pop up tents protected most of the sailors as they munched and drank.


It began as a cool cloudy day with a 7-8 mph east breeze.  The current was an hour into its ebb cycle as the races began.   The PRO (me, Nabeel) set up  O-2 courses:  triangle, windward-leeward, finish upwind.  With five classes in four starts, it was busy.  After the Flying Scots started race 3 and the Multi-Hulls/Lightnings started race 4,  some rain came and killed most of the wind.  After rounding the windward mark, those sailors did everything they could to keep from being swept down river by the strengthening ebb current.   The RC shortened course at the leeward mark and everybody rode the current back to the marina.


Congratulations to Lisa-Marie Lane in the Lightning Class for winning her first regatta and getting her name engraved on the Katherine Hearst award for the woman beating the most boats in the regatta.

Congratulations to Marty Minot in the Albacores for winning that the largest class in the regatta.  It was also the Albacore Mid-Atlantic Championship and he also gets his named engraved on the Len E. Penso award for being the sailor over 50 to beat the most boats.

Thanks to the RC team for giving us races:
Lower course: Geof Fuller & Amy Krafft
Upper course: Nabeel Alsalam, Barney Harris, Jess Harrington, John Hart, and Magda Bugajska.

Thanks to the social team for the just as important food & drink:
Heather Howard and Melisa Morgan

Thanks to the protest committee for a quick and thoughtful resolution of one minor incident:
Aaron Boesenecker, John Van Voorhis, and Marty Minot.