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Beware of Internet Scams

Example #1


Thanks for the mail you sent to me. I want you to know that the price is okay by me, and, as for the shipping, that will not be a problem. I have contacted a shipping company that will handle the shipping. So that ‘ll not be a problem.

As for the payment, I'll be paying with a check which will be cashed easily. I want you to know that I'll be adding the shipping payment to the check that I‘ll be sent to you, in which you‘ll deduct your $700 and send the remaining balance to the shipping company that will be coming for the pick up at your place. To send it out, I’ll need your full name and address where the check ‘ will be sent to and probably your phone #. Mine is 516-396-1284. Do send the info to me asap.

Hoping to hear from you soonest.


Example #2

So my wife would issue out the check to you as soon as possible to make the transaction faster, which I would have to instruct her to make out the check with excess funds including both with the shipping charges to you via any of the above courier service air delivery, so immediately you get it all you are to do is take it to your bank to get it deposited so the bank can tell you when it will clear so that you can get it cashed out and after getting it cashed you will have to deduct the payment of the (BOAT) and the balance will be sent back to the shipping company in order for them to come over to your location for the pickup and every other of my items which they will be shipping for me in other states to my resident in my home town state.

I will be compensating you with $70 so that you can keep it for me and as well keep an eye out and proper maintenance on the (BOAT) for me which will now makes the total of $7,570 for you, and the remaining funds will be sent to the shipping company for immediate pick up of the (BOAT) from your location and my other items which they are suppose to ship from NEVEDA to my resident. And I will like you to make the bill of sale ready. Make it Mr. Grossman Philips and also I will like you to remove the listing of the (BOAT) out from the site and count it already sold to me okay cos definitely you must receive the payment by this week Friday noon and I will give you a call as soon as am less busy with the works am handling over here in the state of NEVEDA for my company.. and I will email you the shipping company's info where to send the shipping charges to as soon as I contact them. So please I would need you to do this favor for me and as well my shipper cos they are the only reliable shippers that has been shipping goods for me for over 4 years now. so kindly do me this favor to avoid any delay in the transaction. And as soon as I get the tracking number from the USPS or UPS courier service by Tuesday to Thursday I will email it to you so that you can track it yourself on their website to know when exactly they will becoming to get the payment delivered to you by Friday noon this week.

Best Regards,

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