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Boat Grant Program


  • You will be required to maintain the boat and equipment in top condition.

  • You will be assigned a mentor and you will be required to report to him/her on a regular basis.

  • You will be required to write some articles about this program and your experience racing the Lightning.

  • You will be expected to exhibit a high degree of sportsmanship and responsibility.

  • You will be required to maintain records and submit receipts for your expenses.

Selection Process:

There is a review committee of seven Lightning Sailors who will review all the applications.  The members of the committee are subject to change, but have included:

Matthew Schon (RI) - CT/RI  District - Co-Chair
Greg Fisher (SC) - Southeastern District - Co-Chair
Karl Allen (NJ) - Lake Erie District
Bill Fastiggi (VT) – New England District
Bill Faude (IL)– Midwest District
Caroline Patten (VT) - New England District

The importance (weight) of each of the main categories of information is indicated in the  section. Each Applicant should submit any additional information they deem necessary to the Selection Committee above and beyond the application if they feel it necessary. See How to Apply. The Boat Grant Committee reserves the right to contact applicants for a phone interview in order to finalize our selections.

Number of Grants (boats and financial support) will vary from year to year based on the pool of applicants, available boats, and class financial condition.

The Class and Boat Grant Committee are open to creative financial proposals or options that will advance the goals of the Class and applicant.  (An example might be the leasing of an unused boat in the district, providing insurance or travel support only, etc)  Applicant should apply for normal grant boat and then add an optional proposal if appropriate.


Boats will be granted for use for the 2020 sailing season. Term of use will be May 14 thru October 31 unless otherwise notified.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the Boat Grant Program is on a hold. Watch for more updates in 2021. If you are interested in the program and would like to apply, please Add Me To Your Mailing List to receive email updates

GOOD LUCK AND THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! If you have any questions please submit them and we will post the question and answers for all applicants to read.

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