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Dear Woody

Dear "Woody,"

I have a Lightning, Hull number 6324 that was built at the Morris Boatworks for a Dr. David Burnford. I have restored the boat (and many others) and have sailed my boat on Loon Lake and Lake Superior in Canada since 1970.  My Dad gave me the boat, and I encouraged numerous friends to restore their boats and take an annual cruise on the North Shore of Lake Superior.. Every year we would plan to cruise a route, trying to sail slowly, safely, and with great pleasure in our pristine wilderness.  Sailing in Lightnings enabled us to see the area as few seldom can (this due to shallow draft).  When we did Isle Royal the U S Parks Service personnel were incredulous that we had sailed from Canada in these boats and expressed their opinion that we had chosen a GREAT! vessel to gain the greatest value in our tour of the park.

Don Ellard
Don's Marine Restoration and Construction Ltd.
133 Hemlock Place
Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Hello Jeremy Dobe,

I own an old woody L., out of water from 1993. Only to-day I can start to work on its many problems.

In the meantime, because this work 'll require many time and ability, I have edit a web (it's so easy!). The URL:

Best Regards Jimmy P. Renzi

PS: sorry, my english iss verry orripli :-)


I'm new to the forum and have posted a request for any info on anyone who has built a Llightning from the plans talked of in the Wooden Boat article of April/May of 2000.

There doesn't seem to be too much activity on the forum. I thought I might email some of the respondents. Please let me know what of any info you might have.

Norm Deeley

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