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I would like to share with you and other members of the" OLD", guard, of the passing of Henry Ernest Dean on February 1, 2011. I would have told you sooner, but only found out about it a few weeks before the Memorial Service which Kate and my-self, along with long time Lightning Sailor Ralph Messersmith attended on June 1, 2011.

If my memory serves me correctly, I first saw Ernie back in the late 50's early 60's as a crew for Marjorie Adams at Bay Head YC in New Jersey. Later, as Bob Seidelman’s crew during all of those years where Bob was dominating the CAD's and Mid-winter circuits. Ernie truly was the master in the front of the boat. I witnessed this first hand as part of a fore deck crew racing in the Caribbean many years on the big boats, and just marveled at his knowledge,  his anticipation and skills. Rumor had it that Ernie also enjoyed many of the other benefits of Regatta weekends; Particularly the Social “hours” (or should I say evenings.) Ernie, in his own right was a skilled helmsman and would occasionally show up with a boat and win a weekend regatta. Many from the Island Heights/Toms River area will remember him as a Barnegat "Bayman".

For all of us who attended on June 1, it truly was a wonderful celebration of Ernie’s Life. Ernie and Joy are together once again. Until we meet again my friend…Charlie Howe, ILCA Class President, 1974 

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