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From the ILCA President

Looking Forward
By Todd Wake
Posted on 9/25/2018 1:47 PM
The summer of 2018 was filled with a lot of Lightning sailing activity.  Skaneateles, Europeans, Youth Worlds, San Diego and Pontiac were all great successes with about 100 other fun regattas in between!  It’s never too early to start looking forward.  The Frigid Digit and Wild Oyster Regattas in October, the South American Championships in Pucon, Florida Winter Circuit events, the Southern Circuit and the NAs at the BCC in August 2019.  There is a regatta out there waiting for you!
Kristine and I are traveling to Chile in October to lead a Lightning Lab in Algarrobo.  While we hope to share some sailing tips the real goal is meet more of our South American members and understand what the class means to them.  We will also get to visit Pucon for a few days.  Tito raves about how beautiful it is, and we are excited to see and learn more about Chile.  Providing opportunities to meet new friends and experience new places all over the world, while doing a little sailing, is part of what makes our class so special.
Expanding on that last thought, what better way to meet new people and see a new place than to attend the 2019 World Championship in Espoo, Finland – June 12-17!  If you know you want to attend, please inform Laura in the class office of your intentions.  Official quotas will be announced soon, but we want to have as many boats from as many countries as possible. USA has already held our qualifiers and deposits from US Teams are due by Oct 15th.  I’ll be there sailing 15390 with an all family team and I hope to see you there too – if not before then!

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