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Southern Circuit

Mid-Winter Championship - Day 2
By Laura Jeffers
Posted on 3/18/2019 7:17 PM
Day 2 of the Mid-Winter Championship brought more wind than day 1 but not the typical Miami weather. The RC ran 4 races in breeze that oscillated from about 30 degrees to about 70 by race 4. As the breeze shifted right the pressure also increased. Despite the challenging conditions and lead changes, the Chilean Teams dominated today and hold the top two positions. Current South American Champions, Felipe Robles, Andres Guevara and Paula Herman posted a 2, 2 ,1, 3 today and are in first. The family team of Tito Gonzalez, Trini Gonzalez and Alberto Gonzalez, Jr are just 3 points behind them with 11 points.  David Starck from Buffalo, NY sailing with brother Tom and Chantal Leger won the first two races and sit in third with 18 points. 

A front is forecasted to come through tonight and may make the final day of racing in Miami challenging. 

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