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From the ILCA Chief Measurer

Thoughts from the Chief Measurer
By Joe Buczkowski
Posted: 2022-06-15T00:36:29Z

Coming off the worlds I want to start by giving a huge thank you and job well done to the entire team at the Carolina Yacht Club our host for two weeks. In all my years of being involved with measurement this was one of the smoothest executions I can remember. The team took the time to meet with me 2 weeks in advance to have a mini-clinic and it was attended by just about every volunteer and not just a few. This made a difference and was seen in the execution. Thank you.

I also have to say thank you to all the competitors. All the boats arrived ready to sail and be measured. There were very few discrepancies and none of them were out of the ordinary ( weight or centerboard angle slightly off). Also, everyone spread themselves out well so there was never a huge crunch to get measurement done. Job well done! 

Finally to Will and Dave without your assistance and in some cases lead, I would not have been able to compete as a crew in the Masters and then as a Skipper in the Worlds- thank you.

Now my reflections from my first worlds as a sailor. First - to everyone able to sail in both events congrats it was a challenge and tiring. The fact that you can have sailors in both the Masters Division and Worlds division within a 10 day period and be competitive through out is amazing and more proof of the strength of the Lightning Class. To my crew Zach and Ed who have been with me for several years and made changes to their plans when we found out we got in just a few weeks prior to the event THANK YOU! Although I think the Pussers rum was well appreciated and made it worth while!

I also want to mention it was impressive how close the sailing was throughout the fleet which is another accolade the class as a whole. The difference from a top ten to a 40th place finish was narrow. While my finishing positions were more towards the tail end of the fleet, we did spend time up with the leaders at different points. I don’t think there wasn’t a time we weren’t competing with former World or Area champion for a crossing on a beat, surfing a wave, at a mark rounding or finish. Truly an honor and fun! 

As always if you have a measurement question or anything at all feel free to contact me. See you out on the water. 

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