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Survey Response - Preamble

Dear Members:


The Executive Committee in conjunction with a newly created North American Championship Committee would like to address the opinions and desires of the membership to potentially change and upgrade the format of the Regatta to make the event a better overall experience.

At the present time, the Document Governing All Sanctioned Lightning Class Championships has very restrictive language pertaining to the North America Championships and requires the Championship to consist of 4 qualifying races and 6 championship races. In addition, it limits the number of boats in the Blue Fleet to 33 plus ties and the remaining sail in the President's Cup, except when 34+ remain and then the remaining are split into 2 equal fleets.

Over the past several years, the Executive Committee and Governing Board have proposed and ratified several "temporary" amendments to accommodate fleet sizes and venues. We would like to permanently amend the Document Governing so that we do not have to keep passing temporary amendments and we have a set of rules that can be used year to year. 

As a skipper/boat owner who has participated in a North American Championship over the past six years we want your input. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey questions.

Thank you very much for your time in helping to shape the future of the North American Championships!


Josh Goldman

VP North American Championships

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