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Host for US PAN AM Trials - Fall 2018

 | Published on 1/16/2018

2019 Pan Am Games -  US Trials

The ILCA is seeking a host club willing to host a regatta to determine the US representative to the PAG in Peru 2019.  We would like to choose a site with a likelihood of strong wind as the sailing site in Peru has historically been windy.  The target date is early fall of 2018 although a southern location could host somewhat later.  Requirements include a National Level Race Officer, 3 days of scheduled racing (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), a full World or US Sailing Certified Jury.  Technical details are available upon request.  This will be an open regatta, but this is a serious event to determine the best US team and all competitors must meet the requirements to compete in the PAG.  Mixed team, minimum age 15, drug free, valid passports…. We expect around 20 boats to compete.  As of this writing the Buffalo Canoe Club and Sail Sheboygan have expressed interest in hosting.  If you have any questions or wish to submit a bid, please contact . This is time sensitive so please get in touch soon if your club is interested.

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