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What's New With The Southern Circuit?

 | Published on 2/2/2018

Team Scoring!!

    • Teams participating in the mentor program will be paired up with a mentor. The two will be scored as one team, against all the other participants and their mentors. Fleet 226 has donated trophies for the top 3 teams of 2 in the program!
  • Mentor program!!
    • As was previously mentioned, Nick Turney of Turney Sailing Services will be back with the mentor program! New and aspiring Lightning sailors will be paired with masters of the fleet to get everyone up to speed.
    • This will include daily briefings for ALL SAILORS (even those not in the program) and debriefs after racing!
    • Nick will be on the water to provide insight and go-fast tips while sailing!
    • Flash drives will be provided so participants can review on-the-water videos and photos of their sailing!
    • You can be a part of this, for the entire circuit, for only $25!
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Southern Circuit Sponsors:


The NOR's are posted for each event, for more information click on the following links:

71st Annual Winter Championship, St Pete - March 23-26, 2018

60th Annual Midwinter Championship, Miami - March 27-30, 2018

The Circuit takes place the week right before the Easter Holiday. Many schools have this week off. This is great because many families can sail the circuit! But this also means many other families will be visiting Florida around the same time. MAKE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS Now! The good places will sell out! Hotel Block Information for St Pete is posted in the ILCA Event Calendar. 

Many trophies and honors will be awarded! Master Winter Championship in St Pete. Mid Fleet Awards at both regattas. Overall Circuit Corinthian "Jack Mueller Grand Master Trophy" and "Dr Georges Peter Great Grand Master Trophy", top new comer. Don Bliss Trophy awarded to the top Corinthian in Miami. Davis Youth Award in St Pete.   

Karl Smither Trophy: 
Presented by the St Petersburg Yacht Club this trophy recognizes the contributions of a Corinthian sailor, class mentor, and Lightning enthusiast. Please submit nominations to the Class Office. 

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