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Eight Bells.... Wendell W. Harter, CA District

Published on 2/23/2018
Wendell Harter, a long-time resident of Manhattan Beach, California, passed away peacefully at his home on January 15, 2018. He died from heart failure at the age of 97 years. A retired Aeronautical Engineer, he was employed at Northrop Corporation in the Aircraft Division for over forty years. 

For recreation, Wendell enjoyed camping, hiking, ballroom dancing, travel, and sailboat racing. During his 40 years of racing his Lightning class sailboat, the Paddlin Madelyn, he won over 300 trophies, including the Pacific Coast Championships, and the North American Championships' Presidents Cup. Over the years, his wife, Madelyn, children, and one of his nephews and grandchildren were often his crew.

The celebration of his life will be held on February 24th, at the Manhattan Beach Community Church, 303 S. Peck Ave., Manhattan Beach. Service is at 11:30am.

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The Class Office received a nice note from longtime friend Guy Hatlie.

" I met Wendell back in the 70's and we've been friends for years, decades. His accomplishments on the water are too numerous to mention... In addition to his sailing prowess he was clearly a great man in every aspect of his life."

Hatlie also added that although he had sailed a variety of boats since childhood, Wendell convinced him that "the Lightning was the way to go if he ever purchased another boat." He was sure right and Hatlie still enjoys sailing #15021 on Lake Sallie in Minnesota. It is the "Best boat on the Lake and envied by many."

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