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Fleet 54 Awarded Steketee Trophy

Published on 11/16/2018

Steketee Trophy Awarded to Pontiac Yacht Club - Fleet 54!
Steketee_2018 Fleet 54
The Executive Committee is excited to announce that Michigan District, Fleet 54 - Pontiac Yacht Club is the 2018 recipient of the Steketee Trophy. 

The Steketee Trophy is awarded to a North American Fleet who is outstanding in furthering the purpose of the ILCA in promoting and developing racing. 

Fleet 54 put forth an extraordinary team effort in hosting the LARGEST Women's, Junior and Masters' North American Championships to date. Their dedication and support of the Class is genuine and from the heart. They re-emphasized that the Class is about family, friends and a shared passion for Lightning sailing.
Visitors from the Lightning Class were made to feel welcome and the hospitality was second to none.  We like to think of the ILCA as a family and we were treated as such by Pontiac Yacht Club.  Sitting under a shade tree during postponement watching the kids play water volleyball and soaking in all the other activity made me smile. Making the event free for juniors and even more importantly, fun for juniors, really shows PYC's commitment to the future of sailing. The club captured the essence of the event and was the perfect host.
Todd Wake, ILCA Class President

I have never in 61 years of sailing seen a regatta like this one. The 2 days of racing bookended a spontaneous day long multi-generational party above and beyond anything I have ever experienced.

Halfway through the second day, I was on the phone with Lightning sailors back home. “How are the WJM’s?” They asked. “Fantastic!” I replied. “The water volleyball pickup game is in round 8, the corn hole tournament is underway, all the chairs are off the beach with people cooling their legs in the lake, the Juniors are working a Janga tower 5 feet high, the Mark Bot demonstration is fascinating, I can’t wait to drive one of the things, the beer tent is open and and there is more food than an army of juniors could eat in a week. The sun is out, the water is warm and the shade is cool. I’ve made 20 new friends -It’s a fantastic day!”

“What about the sailing?, they asked”....  “Sailing?” I replied, “Why would we do that! There’s no wind and we’re having too much fun for sailing. This is the best regatta ever!!”.
Bill Cabrall, ILCA Chief Measurer

Photo Left - Mark Allen, Fleet 54 - Fleet Captain accepting the Steketee Trophy from Class Secretary, Laura Jeffers. 

Full history and past recipients of the Steketee Trophy. 

Video Recap of the 2018 WJM's at Pontiac Yacht Club. 

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