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Bertie Werley joins Executive Committee

Laura Jeffers | Published on 11/26/2021

Per the Constitution, the Governing Board voted Bertie Werley to serve on the Executive Committee as the 5th Executive Committee Member for the 2021-2022 Term.

Bertie is no stranger to the Lightning Class. She is a longtime member of the Ohio District and Pymatuning Fleet 36. Her and husband, John have two adult children, Tim and Kate. All can be found out on the race course.

Most recently Bertie was Regatta Chair of the 2021 Women's, Junior and Masters North American Championships. Many of us got to see and experience her skills first hand this past August.

Welcome Aboard Bertie!!

Bertie Werley
"I’m honored to have been selected as a member of the ILCA Executive Committee and look forward to contributing to the best of my ability.  My sailing career began in Lightnings in 1976 at Leatherlips Yacht Club in Columbus, OH when I was a senior in college, and has continued as a member of Pymatuning Yacht Club for nearly 35 years.   I’m very excited to be serving with the most excellent team of Bill, Joe, David, Julio and Laura, and I’m pretty sure I’ll learn so much that I’ll  end up coming away with more than I give!  Thanks so much for this opportunity!" ~ Bertie

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