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Mini Bolt Trophies
Mini Bolt Trophies
In Stock
$ 25.00   
These custom flashes are made of aluminum and have been waterjet cut and then powder coated and finished in a brilliant red finish. Each piece weighs 7 oz., is 6 ¼” tall and the base is 3 ¾” round. The base has plenty of room for a custom engraved plaque (plaques are not included).

All sales will go towards the ILCA Fund.
The ILCA Fund was established in 1981 as a way to guarantee the long range
operations of our Class.

A very special thank you to Jason Bemis from Fleet 187 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, for donating these trophies to the Class!

Ready for immediate shipping! To order, email the Class Office. Shipping charges will be calculated based upon on items purchased and weight.
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