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The Code of Competition
The Code of Competition
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The Code of Competition.
Roger Staubach - "This breakthrough book is filled with illustrative anecdotes that expose the barriers to athletic success that result from man’s altruistic endowment.  I can vouch for Walker’s insightful comments into the behavior of wide receivers and quarterbacks and I see evidence in the other sports I play of the willingness of competitors to accept being beaten, to be embarrassed by winning and to settle for the same old finish in game after game.  A must read for the competitor who wonders why he is losing and would like to stop doing so."

Greg Fisher - The Code of Competition is full of great stories about those who win and about those who lose and about what makes the difference.

Mark Bethwaite“The Code of Competition” explores new territory - the determinants of the behavior of competitors in all sports.  Does being a 'nice guy' preclude success?  I don't think so as Stu is one of the nicest, but also one of the toughest, guys I have ever raced against.
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