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Lightning Class Association
Date: 7/15/2019
Subject: Annual Meeting Proxy Ballot - August 13, 2019 Meeting
From: International Lightning Class Association

Dear Fleet Captain:
 The Annual Meeting of the International Lightning Class Association will be held Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 1700 at the Buffalo Canoe Club, Point Abino, Ontario, Canada.

One item is up for vote/approval. Please review the PDF document link prior to voting. 
Please return your ballot by Monday, August 5th. If you are no longer the Fleet Captain please notify the Class Office as soon as possible.
** NOTE - YOU WILL NEED TO LOGIN WITH YOUR FLEET MEMBER INFORMATION IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THE BALLOT! If you do not know your FLEET ACCOUNT Username or Password, contact Laura in the Class Office. (727) 942-7969.

As a reminder, all personal and Fleet Membership Dues must be current in order for votes to be counted. 

Thank you for your dedication and service to the Lightning Class. I hope to see you in Buffalo!
Laura Jeffers
Executive Secretary

International Lightning Class Association
(727) 942-7969 or
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