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Lightning Class Association
Date: 9/10/2019
Subject: Red Flannels Regatta - Don't Forget, It's almost that time!!
From: International Lightning Class Association

Chicago Corinthian YC
58th Annual Red Flannels Regatta!
September 21-22, 2019
Chicago Corinthian YC
601 W. Montrose Dr
Chicago, IL 60657
Please join us for 2 days of great racing on the open waters of Lake Michigan.  The regatta is even bigger now - reconfigured as a multi-class regatta with Lightnings, Lasers, R19s and T10s(on a separate course). A regatta feel with drinks at prices that will make you wonder if you're really in Chicago. Saturday afternoon/evening band!

For More Information, to Register Today click here:   Regatta Network Event Page - Registration and Information  
The entry fee is $30.
Saturday, September 21
1000 Competitors meeting
1030 Harbor Gun 1130 First Warning
1700 Sundown Party
1800 Dinner (Cash)
Sunday, September 22
1000 Harbor Gun
1100 First Warning
1400 No Warning after this Time
After Racing Awards Presentation, Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club
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