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Lightning Class Association
Date: 9/20/2021
Subject: It's Red Flannels Time! This Weekend!!
From: International Lightning Class Association

Chicago Corinthian YC
60th Annual Red Flannels Regatta!
September 25-26, 2021
Chicago Corinthian YC
601 W. Montrose Dr
Chicago, IL 60657
Please join us for 2 days of great racing on the open waters of Lake Michigan.  The regatta is even bigger now - reconfigured as a multi-class regatta with Lightnings, Lasers, R19s and T10s(on a separate course). A regatta feel with drinks at prices that will make you wonder if you're really in Chicago. Saturday afternoon/evening band!

David Stix needs to know a head count! 
If you are planning to attend sign up today on the Lightning Class Event Page:   Red Flannels Lightning Event Page
Need more info, contact David - Email:  OR  Phone: 773-490-0644
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