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Lightning Class Association
Date: 10/4/2021
Subject: Fall News from Evolution Sails
From: International Lightning Class Association

Special Advertisement from our Supporter 
Evolution Sails
Newsletter Evolution

Fellow Lightning Sailors!

Though “Evolution Sails” may be a new name to many Lightning sailors, the people who stand behind this exciting brand are long-time Lightning competitors and sailmakers. Our team has amassed a resume of numerous regatta victories, including North American, Midwinter and Regional Championships over the past 45 years.

Greg Fisher, Karl Felger and Stephen Antworth have long been recognized as those representatives whose focus is to ensure that their customers not only receive the finest and fastest sails available, but also the personal service and attention to meet their sailing goals.

Click Here to read the remainder of our fall Lightning 2021 newsletter that’ll include information on:

Our 2022 sails, and the updates we’ve made to the popular and long proven Fisher sail designs!

  • Our special fall discount program! This is the very best time to buy your Evolution Lightning Sails!
  • Bonus Content! Read Greg Fisher’s suggestions on jib trim and utilizing jib leech telltales to set your Lightning jib perfectly.
Evolution Team

Please feel free to reach out to any of your Evolution Sails Lightning representatives!

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