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Lightning Class Association
Date: 6/14/2018
Subject: It's District Championship Weekend - time to sail your Lightning!
From: International Lightning Class Association

It's Time for the Districts!
Get in your LIGHTNING and SAIL!


CT/RI District Championship
Madison Beach Club
June 16-17

Fleet 129 Invites you to come and sail and use all the facilities and the beach! Competition in the CT/RI District is heating up! Don't miss out on all the fun!

FRIDAY JUNE 15, 2018

Afternoon – Registration & Bar is open 

0900 hrs-1000 hrs Registration
1000 hrs Skippers Meeting
1115 hrs Warning Race 1 (Races Will Be Sailed Back To Back)
1630 - 1830 hrs Beer & Munchies at the Bar Porch
1930 hrs Dinner

SUNDAY JUNE 17, 2018
1000 hrs Warning, First race of the day
1430 hrs Deadline for starting sequence to have commenced
After races Beer & Munchies at the Bar Porch 

Notice of Race and registration form is posted here. 

All boats and trailers must be kept in assigned spaces on the lawn in order to assure smooth flow to and from the cranes. Masts should be stepped on the lawn. Please keep path to cranes free. Do not attempt to take boats with masts up onto street because of power lines. Car parking is in the big lot. Please do not park at the end of Island Avenue next to the trailer parking. We will need that space for emergencies and turn-around. Because of limited dock space, please move boats out away from inside dock. Tie up to moored boats or unused moorings. 

As a reminder all competitors need to be current ILCA Members. Please make sure your membership and your crews are current before you get to the Districts! Check here to see who's current: Current District Membership List

If you are a current member and are NOT SHOWING UP on the District Membership List, Use the Member Login button to log onto the ILCA Website and click on your Member Profile. Then under the  Information Heading, select "Standard Member Directory". Under General Info - Visibility - Make sure that setting is set to "Show Something" - if it is set to "Do Not List Me..." - that is why you are not being listed. 

Want to sign up your crew in advance? Use the Member Login button on the ILCA website, in your user profile, select Gift/Membership Coupons. From there you can purchase a coupon to pay for someone else's membership. Gift/Membership Coupon Instructions

Skipper/Helmsmen looking to sail in the North American Championship must qualify via their District Championship. 1:1 ratio - you must at least register for your District Championship. 

Plan out the rest of your summer sailing - check out the ILCA Event Calendar

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