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Lightning Class Association
Date: 7/20/2018
Subject: IMPORTANT - NJ State Championship - POSTPONED!
From: International Lightning Class Association

The NJ State Championship, scheduled for tomorrow, July 21
has been postponed! 
To all,

If you are helping or planning to attend the NJ State Lighting Regatta at Barnegat Light YC tomorrow, the regatta has been rescheduled to Saturday August 25th due to the pending weather forecast.

When BLYC hosts a major regatta we run the race on our "North Course".  The North Course is located in front of the town of Barnegat across the bay.  The course itself is well liked by competitors because of the deep water and relatively light boat traffic.  With heavy wind (excess of 20 mph) expected tomorrow if a boat where to get in trouble the race course is about a 45 minute tow back to the club.  Since many participants are traveling to BLYC from off island we made the decision this morning to reschedule in late August.

We hope to see you on the rescheduled regatta on August 25th.

Commodore Monnig
Please Contact Pete Menninger at 267-261-5615  or  - if Aug 25th won't work for your Fleet. 
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