Beam 6' 6"
Draft up/down 5"/4' 11"
Minium Weight 700 lb
Sail Area (main & jib)
Sail Area (spinnaker)
We have a request from the Greece program for spinnakers...used but still usable.   Look at those spinnakers in your inventory that you are done with and send them to -- Greek Program  c/o 1250 N Church St.   Moorestown NJ 08057. We will inspect them and send them to Greece. That's right, no money exchange.... We know you have spinnakers you don't know what to do with... put them to good use!  

South American Championships start this week! Dec 2-6 in Colombia!

Tomine, Colombia December 2 - 6
Sanford, Florida December 4 - 6
San Diego, California December 6
San Diego, California December 12 - 13
San Diego, California December 20

Valparaiso, Chile January 5 - 9
Sanford, Florida January 22 - 24
Mission Bay Yacht Club/Fleet 194–San Diego, CA
  1. Bob Martin, Brian Genovese, Becca Genovese
  2. Peter Colantuono, Rick Denny, Louie Chaiyakul
  3. Steve Ross, Paul Cassedy, Marilyn Cassedy
  1. Eric Oetgen
  2. Marcus Moehlman
  3. Henry McCray
Harbor Island Yacht Club - Fleet 262 - Nashville, TN Photos
  1. Geoff Becker, Mike Mann, Madeleine Schroeder
  2. James Taylor, George Auer, Stan Cummins
  3. Gerry Paoli, Roselynn Hazzard, Marc Schillebeeckx
  1. Jaime Calderon, Juan Carlos Herkrath, Flavia Gavino
  2. Nestor Zuniga, Ma. Belen Canales, Claudio Rotondo
  3. Augusto Navarro, Carlos Navarro, Duilio Banchero
Carolina Yacht Club - Fleet 329- Charleston, SC Photos
  1. Eric Oetgen, Will Jeffers, Laura Jeffers
  2. David Starck, Terry Hamilton, Matty Schon
  3. Zeke Horowitz, Emmy Stuart, Jo Ann Fisher/Greg Fisher