Beam 6' 6"
Draft up/down 5"/4' 11"
Minium Weight 700 lb
Sail Area (main & jib)
Sail Area (spinnaker)

8 Bells - It is with deepest sympathy that we share the sudden passing of Beatriz de Rienzo from the Valle de Bravo Fleet 523 in Mexico.

NEW - Two Amendments up for vote at the March Governing Board Meeting

Southern Circuit Info Flyer - Karl Smither Award Nominations due Feb 28th

Mentor Program returns to 2017 Southern Circuit!

2017 World Championship Country Allocation


St Petersburg, Florida March 19 - 21
Miami, Florida March 23 - 25

Columbia, South Carolina April 29 - 30
Carlyle, Illinois April 29 - 30
Mission Bay Yacht Club/Fleet 194–San Diego, CA
  1. Bob Martin, Julie Martin, Brian Genovese
  2. Jeff Coppens, Tom Goddard, Maddy Brownsea
  3. Larry Schmitz, Mark Baker, Hil Penix
St Petersburg Yacht Club/Fleet 109–St Petersburg, FL
  1. Steve Hayden, David Hood, Amy Simonsen
  2. Michael Zonnenberg, Brendan Feeney, Wendy Reuss
  3. Ched Proctor, Eric Oetgen, Kathryn Josenhans
Lake Monroe Sailing Assn/Fleet 526– Sanford/Orlando, FL
  1. Laura Jeffers, Will Jeffers, Mac McKenzie
  2. Mark Schneider, Cindi Schneider, Ava Moring
  3. Jeffery Hayden, Curtis Woodworth, Hanna Sellers
Marina Pintue UC
  1. Flecha Robles, Andress Guevara, Nick Robertson
  2. Victor Lobos, Alvaro Varela, Sebastian Lobos
  3. Alberto Gonzalez, Alberto Gonzalez, Trinidad Gonzalez
  1. Eric Oetgen
  2. David Van Cleef
  3. Lenny Krawcheck