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To apply for a grant:

Note: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the Boat Grant Program is on a hold. Watch for more updates in 2021. If you are interested in the program and would like to apply, please Add Me To Your Mailing List to receive email updates.

  1. Minimum age to apply: 19 years.

  2. You must complete the grant application form and submit it to the ILCA office by midnight January 21 of the application year. There are three acceptable ways to submit the application:

    • You may submit your application and any supporting documents via email to: and include "Boat Grant Application" in the subject line.

    • You may print out the application and any supporting documents. Mail or FedEx to:

      International Lightning Class Association
      Attn: Boat Grant Application
      1528 Big Bass Drive
      Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

      The postmark is not controlling; the application must be in the Office by January 21, 2020.

      Late applications will not be considered.

  3. Include with your application:

    • Your sailing resume.

    • Information about your teammates and their sailing resumes.

    • Letters of recommendation and contact information from three sailing references.

      They can be a current or former coach, a competitor, a member of your yacht club, or any other sailing reference who knows you well. No recommendations from relatives, please.

    • A personal letter outlining what the grant would mean to you and why you are the best candidate for a grant.  Be sure to address all of the selection criteria.

    • - 30 points:  Plan for use of boat, including projected regatta schedule.  Provide a narrative describing who, what, where, when, and how. Should describe your transportation resources, options or needs, etc.
      - 5 Points: Proximity to an existing Lightning Fleet.
      - 25 points: Strength of resume for applicant and projected teammates.
      - 25 points: Three Recommendations from sailors, coaches, or other pertinent people knowledgeable of applicant and team.  No recommendations from relatives will be considered.
      - 15 points: Respect for Boat and Equipment. Describe experience with boat maintenance, how boat will be taken care of and stored.

    • Once the proposals have been graded, the top applicants will be interviewed. The interview will be scored (30 points) and added to the above points to determine the total.

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