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2018 Boat Grant Recipients Announced

Published on 6/1/2018

The International Lightning Class Association is pleased to announce the 2018 recipients of the Lightning Boat Grant Program! 

The International Lightning Class Association’s Boat Grant program begins its 12th season by announcing the 2018 grant recipients: The class is very excited to expand the program for 2018 and welcome three recipients.

Carter Cameron and his team of Elizabeth Pemberton (21) and William Hundahl (21) are from Charleston, SC and will be sailing with the Charleston Fleet in the Southeastern District.  Carter noted, "I’m very excited to be a part of the Boat Grant Program this year. My team and I are looking forward to an amazing summer sailing in Charleston. We hope to be a competitive team, but we know we’ll have fun in the Lightning class." Carter and his teammates currently sail for the College of Charleston Sailing Team and helped to win the 2017 College Nationals. Their mentor will be veteran Lightning sailor Patrick Hogan.  

Erik Elliott and his crew of Cabell Sitter and Abbey Pomeroy will be based out of Wisconsin and the Midwest District.  Both Erik and Cabell are recent college graduates from the University of Wisconsin, where they were active members of the UW Sailing Team.  Abbey is a longtime Lighting sailor from the Midwest who will bring a wealth of Lightning knowledge to the team.  Their mentors will be veteran Lightning Sailors, Todd Wake, Bill Faude, Whitney Kent and Craig Pomeroy.

Ryan Davidson and his team of Stefan Kuehn and bowman/woman will also be based out of Charleston, SC and will sail with the Charleston Fleet.  Ryan noted, "Thanks to the Boat Grant Committee for allowing us the opportunity to experience the Lightning Class. My Team and I are very excited for the upcoming season and cannot wait to start sailing."  Both Ryan and Stefan are 2016 graduates of the College of Charleston. Ryan was the PRO at the 2017 College Nationals while Stefan was team captain 2015-2016. Their mentor will be veteran Lightning sailor Greg Fisher.  

We welcome Carter, Erik, Ryan and their teams to the Lightning Class! We are excited to have them sailing with us!

About the Lightning Boat Grant Program
In 2007 ILCA Class members Bill Fastiggi and Allan Terhune brought an out of the box concept to conception. They were awarded the 2007 US Sailing Leadership Award for their efforts in launching what would become a benchmark program across the sailing community. The Program gives selected young sailors an opportunity to experience Lightning racing at its best.

In the North America, the ILCA provides a competitive boat, insurance and substantial regatta expense reimbursement. The grant applications are reviewed and critiqued to listed selection criteria. The Class typically grants two boats each season but has granted up to five in one season.

Each applicant is expected to sail in a predetermined number of races, maintain the boat and equipment and exhibit the highest level of sportsmanship. The grant is for use of the boat and equipment for one season. At the end of the season the boat may be available for purchase, depending on the situation. Each recipient is assigned a "mentor" for the season. By providing opportunities for young adult sailors to experience the Lightning we are helping to ensure the ILCA will be strong for many more years to come.

In 2016 we were pleased to grow this program to include South America.

This program is funded by the ILCA Fund and annual donations from members. 

More Information About the Program

Informational Flyer to post at your club

Media Contact

Laura Jeffers
ILCA Executive Secretary 

Matthew Schon
CO-Chair Boat Grant Program 

David Van Cleef

CO-Chair Boat Grant Program


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